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St Matthews Branch

Heron GP Practice Joins “Mind, Body, and Soul Health and Wellness Community Event” to Promote Health and Wellbeing

One of DHU’s GP Practices was involved in a major event in Leicester to highlight its’ commitment to the health and wellbeing of its colleagues and patients.

Heron GP Practice, a part of DHU Healthcare, took part in the “Mind, Body, and Soul Health and Wellness Community Event”, organized by SOCOPA on World Mental Health Day. It brought together healthcare partners from across the Integrated Care System to enhance community well-being on Tuesday, October 10th at the St. Matthews Centre.

Rob Robertson, Head of Clinical Services, said: “Participating in events like this allows us to connect with the community and educate them about the services we offer at Heron GP Practice. It’s an excellent opportunity to engage with event attendees and explain our role in promoting well-being.”

Sita Singh, Chair of the Heron Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG), echoed Rob’s words, stating, “This event aligns with our commitment to promoting holistic health and wellness for our community. We were thrilled to join forces with SOCOPA and other healthcare partners to foster collaboration, learning, and awareness.”

DHU Health Care Assistant Amy Gatto was on hand to perform blood pressure checks, discuss diabetes, and offer valuable advice to event attendees. The Practice Management Team provided general guidance about the practice, while attendees were shown how to sign up for and utilise the NHS app.

Furthermore, the event reinforced Heron GP Practice’s dedication to getting involved with community events to better understand their healthcare needs. Rob added: “We believe that by actively participating in community events, we gain valuable insights into the unique health concerns and requirements of our patients. This understanding is essential for us to continuously improve our healthcare services and ensure they meet the evolving needs of our diverse community.”

The event was a prime example of healthcare providers joining together to support the community’s physical and mental well-being. Heron GP Practice looks forward to more partnership working and community engagement to better deliver comprehensive, quality and compassionate healthcare services.